About Us

Technology has changed the world, our thinking process and everything. Web technology has brought business and networking to a new dimension. With tech advancement, the chances of success and failure go up simultaneously. The domain of complications of managing current technology and adapting to a new one is getting bigger. Codist comes into the existence to remove or minimize those complications, and generate smart results.

Codist is a startup with the objective to simplify life through web technology. Though it is new in existence, the people behind it are experienced, knowledgeable and smart enough to make a change.

Codist is the brainchild of Hossain, the Founder & CEO of the organization. Though he is a business graduate, he always has a strong passion to know about programming. To satisfy the thirst of his curious mind, he started learning coding; and now he’s expert in many programming languages. Having satisfied a number of clients from different parts of the world, Hossain decided to launch Codist.

As Coding is a passion for us, we always try to come up with smart solutions — it doesn’t matter if they take us more time, labor and knowledge. We always focus on user-friendliness, latest technology, simplified and effective solution. We welcome you to Codist.

Let’s start together!


To simplify human life and empower the underprivileged using information technology


To invent sustainable and effective technology-based solutions to eradicate or minimize problems in the society

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Total Quality
  • Socially Responsible

Why Codist Team?


Codist team has experience of working for more than six years in IT industry. The team has worked with many international and local clients and provided sustainable, cost-effective solution to the clients. Experience helps the team look into the deep of the problems and come up with solutions that are sustainable, cost-effective, and influential.

Strong Knowledge-base

The team is passionate about information technology, all latest computing technologies that come into market to solve various types of problems for various types of people. Codist team’s R&D team always keep eyes on market trends and suggest its customers the solutions that fit best in contemporary market.


IT industry has a wide variety of solutions with variety in cost. The same anticipated result could be obtained following many approaches that cost different. Codist team knows what factors to consider to find the best solution that costs little and help clients stay ahead of their competitors.


It’s not that we’ll just listen to you or you’ll just listen to us. In Codist, we let every stakeholder express their thoughts so that we can come up with best ideas make better result. Our open-minded approach lets both our team member and clients to share ideas that result in better mutual success.

Our Expertise


The Team


Nur Hossain

Cofounder & CTO

The Coder


Golzar Hossain

Co-founder & Head of Marketing

The Thinker


Ali Haider Tanshir


The Storyteller


Anwar Hossain

Head of Lead Research

The Searcher



Frontend Developer

The WP Guy


Risalatul Islam

UI/UX Designer

The Artist