Website Design & Development

From single-page website to large-size dynamic website, we’ve experience of and knowledge on doing them with love & care. We’ve worked with many international clients including UNICEF to design and develop websites. Our team is passionate about clean and modern look of the websites, and loading them on all-size devices that look WOW!

Web Application Development

Web application empowers ideas and organization to reach target people efficiently to provide tailored customer-oriented services. Codist team has developed a number of web applications including School Management Software, Blood Management Portal.

Mobile App Development

Smartphones have reshaped the world the way it thinks, the way it does work. Mobile applications have become a must-have feature for most IT-based service companies. Many large-size companies are also using mobile apps to engage customers and co-workers more efficiently. Codist team can help you with develop mobile applications that can make a change.

Modernize Existing Software

To meet increasing and varied necessities, existing softwares need to be modernized. This modernization involves both introducing new features and adopting latest technologis that make softwares run smoother and better. Codist team can help you modernize any exisitng software and take it to next level.

Web Performance & Security Enhancement

One second could cost Amazon 1.6 billion in sales — sounds terrific? Yes, site loading performance is that important. Using a modern and high-config server doesn’t gurantee that your website will fastly load if it’s poorly programmed. Poor security measures can also make your website a victim to hacking. Codist team excels in enhancing website performance and security to ensure a smooth experience by visitors.

WordPress Development & Integration

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Software (CMS) for last several years. It empowers almost 30% of the entire internet. The user-friendly backen, fast and easy development of WordPress themes and plugins has made it first choice for many developers. Codist team has a very experience of working in this platform. We’ve developed more than hundred websites on WordPress CMS. We’ve also created many custom themes and plugins for customers and our own projects.

On-page SEO

Your great idea or product can make no change until it could reach to target customers. For that you need to be visible on the places where people look for relative information. We can make your website visible to Google, Bing searchers, and drive more traffic to your website.